Animation and Mini Club

Animation Programme
Every day, on our bulletin board dedicated to Animation. you will find the programming of activities, games and evenings

  • Gym at the beach on the shoreline
  • Mini club (gaming activities and creative workshops)
  • Cartoon (projection)
  • Sports tournaments / activities Miniclub
  • Aerobics in the pool
  • Game cocktail / happy hour /
  • Baby Dance (entertainment for kids)
  • Games, entertainment, even for adults
  • Parties, evening games for all ages!

WELCOME COCKTAIL ON THE TERRACE. Every Sunday night with music, drinks and dancing!!
Karaoke night, a fun evening …..
Hawaiian party with watermelon game
Movie night and pop corn for children, with the latest news
PIADINA SHOW learn to make the piadina
Baby dance and Kids make up

Mini Club
Mini Club Your children will be involved in games, reading stories, coloring and can have fun while you treat yourself to a well-deserved relaxation in the wellness and if you like, keep an eye on the glass that separates you.

Junior Club
For the more ‘grown-ups, speed ball tournaments, soccer, beach tennis, mini golf and table tennis and mini golf