A world of hot water, bubbles, hydrotherapy that stimulate circulation, relax tense muscles and detoxify the body.

The benefits of hydrotherapy, evoke intense feelings of relaxation and well-being, in fact, the traditional bath, add the pleasures of the pressurized water micro-massage, reflexology foot massage, neck, back and lymph-drainage.

Air bubbles and the flow of water, compress and decompress the tissues, bringing benefits to the blood and lymphatique circulation, reduces tension, fatigue and insomnia.

The pressure of massage stimulates the release of endorphins.

Heated swimming pool with hydrotherapies…..a piece of paradise to relax yourself …

The overflow structure is active, always clean and purified water, kept constantly warm to 30 ° C.
You will lie on two massage beds, fully immersed in warm water, or sit on the precious mosaics for a lumbar and legs massage.
You can also walk in thousand bubbles that stimulate the foots and, finally, soak in a hot waterfall that will rub schoulders and neck.

Central heated pool
Our central swimming pool measuring 17 meters x 5 meters, has a lower part with a maximum depth of 1.70 meters and a part dedicated to children  The overflow structure is active, then filtered and the water is always clear and constantly maintained at 28/30 ° C.
3 peninsulas equipped with sun beds, extending over the water, for a feeling of total relaxation surrounded by blue.

Jacuzzi open air
a wonderfull sea wiev, a romantic corner on the top floor. Wile you tan, our Jacuzzi smooths the skin, the legs become lighter and reduce the cellulite.