Wellness Area

Welcome to your wellness dimension

Listen to your body, your feelings do emerge, and dwell on what ‘they say.
Let your soul breathe, escaping the daily grind and forget about all the thoughts … to make full of energy and vitality ‘. One effect of being indescribable. Dive into a world of idleness and enjoy this art.

Life in balance
A number of treatments and massages, will rejuvenate your body and your mind.
Book in advance so you can meet your needs

Hydrotherapy (water heated to 30 degrees)
Delightful doublebed for TOTAL BODY massage  fully immersed in hot water
Foot massage, immersed to the waist, bubbling massage from the bottom up, stimulating blood circulation and lymphatic
Sitting on the precious mosaics, totally immersed in warm water will stimulate feet, legs and back
A refreshing fall of hot water, give ‘relief to the neck area

Jacuzzi  open air
A breathtaking sea views, a secluded corner on the top floor, alone, in pairs or family. As the sun tans you, the mind relaxes, the eye ranges over the horizon of our sea, our open air Jacuzzi smooths the skin, the legs become lighter, no more cellulite